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Project Request

Project requests for all project types listed below must be initiated with a project request form.  General inquiries about projects and services may be directed to

Project Types

New Software Selection & Implementation

The PMO will initiate the process of finding an appropriate solution for a business need if a product has not already been selected once a requester submits a project request. A business analyst will reach out to the requester to gather and document business requirements, which define what features and functions the solution must have to be successful.

Software Enhancements

For existing applications owned and managed by Boise State, a request may be made to modify the application or add new functionality.  Examples of enhancements include adding new fields to a page or form, creating a new custom feature, integrating the application with a 3rd party or internal system, etc. Enhancements may be made to my.boisestate, mobile or web applications, ERP Systems, or other OIT supported software.

Business Intelligence Reporting Services

OIT Supports multiple business intelligence applications, such as MyInsights, BICS, Pyramid, BI Publisher, and more. Project requests may be submitted for a new report, dashboard, extract, or other business intelligence effort. For requests to modify existing reports, please use the 'Modify Existing Data Warehouse Report' request type.

Operational Requests

The PMO will coordinate large scale infrastructure requests that require OIT resources, such as server/data migrations, upgrading software or equipment, and performing OIT-related work as part of a Facilities, Operations & Maintenance (FO&M) or Architectural and Engineering (A&E) project. Additionally, if an application needs to be accessed using Boise State credentials, the PMO will coordinate efforts with the vendor to enable single sign-on (SSO).

System Upgrades

The PMO will schedule and coordinate all patch sets, bundles, and large scale system maintenance projects to keep ERP systems (with the exception of Oracle Financial Cloud) and web systems secure and current.

Consultation and Business Process Improvement

The PMO will provide project support for non-technical projects involving process evaluation and improvement. A business analyst will document the current process, current inefficiencies, pain points, and non-value added steps.  The business analyst will partner with stakeholders to redesign the business process and document future state.